Birkman Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are in Boston. Can you do our Birkman?
A: Yes, I consult with clients via Zoom, Skype, or by phone.

Q: What's your level of experience?
A: I have been certified in the Birkman Method since August of 2015. Since then, I have conducted over 200 individual Birkmans, including team sessions.

Q: How accurate is the Birkman assessment?
A: It is a statistically validated survey.

Q: I took the Birkman about five years ago. Can my results change? Should I retake it?
A: The results of your Birkman are not likely to change unless you have a traumatic life-changing event that causes you to redefine the paradigm you look at life through. Examples are the loss of a spouse, child, or a critical illness.

Q: I've already taken another type of assessment. Do I need this?
A: The Birkman Method is unique and stands alone. Other assessment tools do not address inner needs and motivations.

Q: What type of businesses do you work with?
A: Since people run all businesses, the Birkman can Birkman adds value to all organizations.

Q: Is there a contract for the Birkman assessment, or is it a one-time fee?
A: There is no contract required to have a one-time assessment.

Q: After I take the Birkman test, do I meet with my consultant in person?
A: Consultations are conducted via video conference or over the phone.  

Q: What if I score low on my Birkman? What score should I get and how do I improve my score?
A: There is no such thing as a bad or low score. There are ways to build action plans around mitigating reactions or breaking habits around behavior. Still, all of this is grounded in self-reflection, which is what the Birkman awards you.

Q: How fast can I improve?
A: Everyone is different, and their idea of improvement also varies from person to person. Part of your Birkman consultation will clarify for you where to focus. Keep in mind that there is no bad score. There are ways of becoming more aware of triggers and minimizing stress in your life.

Q: Can the test results be used for hiring?
A: Yes, if you are part of a strategic organization intentionally hiring to increase the diversity of thought, then you can use the tool to hire for the attributes that are currently not part of your team.

Q: Can this help my marriage or relationship?
A: The assessment itself is simply a tool. Everything comes down to the individual's commitment and willingness to use the results and the knowledge in a way that creates new ways of relating to others. Birkman consultations are not a substitute for marriage therapy. They are additional information or data that could help you better understand your partner and how you relate to them.

Q: How long does it take to do the assessment test?
A: On average, it takes about thirty minutes of uninterrupted time.

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