Client Testimonials

"Alina is a gifted and confident coach. She gives the 'right' kind of perspective that is tailored for that person – it is as if she can see into a person and know them intimately and know exactly what would help them most in understanding their path. Alina’s skill when paired up with the Birkman is amazing. The test provides a crystallized explanation of our most intimate needs and explains how we appear to the outer world and Alina's ability to explain what exactly that means was helpful. The test gives other perspectives too: perspective on relationships, happiness, self needs, and interactions with others. I felt that the level of feedback that the Birkman offered paired with the clarity of explanation that Alina gave is absolutely worth it. You will never regret learning more about yourself." – H. Pierce, J.D.

"I highly recommend Alina to anyone who is looking for a positive and inspirational coach. I was able to see more clearly after meeting with Alina. I have noticed that my mindset has shifted from negative and almost self deprecating to positive, happy, and loving. My relationships are more meaningful and I even started my new dream job, since meeting with Alina a few months ago. I’m very grateful for all the help and tools she has given me to transform my personal and professional life." – Priya J. 

"Alina is amazing and inspirational. I was lucky enough to receive her guidance and coaching at a low point in my life. She made me feel safe enough to have vulnerable conversations that I normally would not feel comfortable having with anyone. This says so much about her character. With her one-on-one sessions, I was able to find purpose and direction toward meaningful goals in my personal and professional career. I think my most important takeaway from my sessions is the confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone to try something new no matter the results." – Amelie G.


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