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Coaching Packages

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✓ Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)

✓ Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Ethics

✓ Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching, University of Texas

Coaching Packages

You’ll get 50-minute 1:1 meetings with Alina via Zoom every two weeks to pursue the coaching process and stay on track with action plans, fostering consistent progress and success.

Option 1: Five meetings for $1,500 

Option 2: Ten meetings for $2,700 (10% discount applied)

Coaching Process

Meetings with your coach, Alina, will cover these sequential steps:

Step 1: Initial Assessment
Understand your background, current state, and goals. Taking the Birkman Assessment is recommended at this step.

Step 2: Goal Setting
Define clear, measurable, and achievable goals based on the initial assessment.

Step 3: Coaching Sessions
Engage in regular, focused 1:1 coaching sessions to work toward your goals.

Step 4: Action Planning
Develop a personalized action plan to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Closure
Conduct a final assessment, celebrate successes, and discuss the next steps.

These steps ensure a structured approach to executive coaching, leading to meaningful and sustained personal and professional growth.

Client Testimonials

"Alina is a gifted and confident coach. She gives the 'right' kind of perspective that is tailored for that person – it is as if she can see into a person and know them intimately and know exactly what would help them most in understanding their path..." – H. Pierce, J.D.

"I highly recommend Alina to anyone who is looking for a positive and inspirational coach. I was able to see more clearly after meeting with Alina..." – Priya J. 

"Alina is amazing and inspirational..." – Amelie G.

Ready to Unlock Your Future?

Take the first step toward meaningful and sustained growth. Choose your coaching package to schedule your first session with Alina today!

Terms and Conditions: Executive coaching meetings with Alina are for educational purposes only. Executive coaching is not psychological counseling, therapy sessions, or financial advising. Seek a licensed professional's guidance if you need professional counseling or therapy. You have 30 days from your purchase date to complete your first coaching meeting with Alina. If you miss your scheduled meeting with Alina for any reason without giving her 24 hours' notice, the meeting will be considered complete. If you are late to your coaching meeting, the meeting will end at its regularly scheduled time and will be considered complete. Dates and times of coaching meetings are subject to your coach's availability. Purchased coaching meetings expire 12 months from the purchase date and may not be assigned to another person. Alina believes in complete transparency when you work together, from start to finish.