Birkman Test

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When people ask about the Birkman Test, it usually goes something like this... "Can you tell me more about that thing you mentioned once that you do...I think you called it the Birkman?" or "I've been feeling super confused lately about my career choices and what I should do next. Do you think this Birkman test would help?". Whether navigating a career choice or improving relationships with people they work with, business partners, or romantic relationships, my response is always the same - YES! The Birkman can indeed help with all of these things.

Are you considering your options and opportunities for a possible career transition? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to gain some clarity and validation around your next steps? This is what is so valuable about using the results from your Birkman. First, you can align your interests with your personality and career choice. Second, the results will clarify where you land in eighteen different career areas and how strong that alignment is. Finally, I love seeing someone's dream career that they may have secretly held onto show up in their Birkman results for discussion and development.

Recently I had the pleasure of providing a Birkman test debrief session to a Senior in high school. She was graduating as salutatorian of her class. She had the enviable problem of having many options available to her for the future. She was conflicted about which major to focus on. By reviewing her Birkman results, we aligned her interests to her actual areas of strength. We discussed which avenues would better fit her and how some paths, although doable, would require more of a stretch. We talked about which strengths would complement her studies and her future career. A month or so later, I heard from her mom. She shared with me that our conversation helped her daughter gain confidence around her decision to move forward on her selected major. In fact, and this came as no surprise based on her results, she decided to double major and not settle for one area for her future. That is what is so powerful when it comes to the Birkman. It isn't just that you get to know yourself better. It's that we all have gifts and strengths, and if you have a Birkman consultant review your results, you can more clearly identify how to leverage those gifts and strengths. Imagine if we could all have had the opportunity to start our college lives or adulthood at the age of eighteen with this kind of clarity.

According to a Harvard study spanning over 80 years, relationships are the key to happiness and living longer. Nurturing relationships is one of the most significant and most rewarding parts of life. Yet, having a relationship can feel like work at times, and if things go on too long with that feeling can leave us frustrated and exhausted. How Birkman can help you is by comparing your personality with a spouse, friend, or coworker. The report highlights where your two personalities are complementary and where they may be more of a stretch. We can shift your relationship from assumptions and misunderstandings to clarity and connection. The Birkman has helped thousands of couples with their relationships.

The Birkman is often called a test. A test implies that you can have a good or a bad score, but with the Birkman there is no graded score. Instead, the assessment result gives you insights into areas for your personal growth.

Whether deciding on a major, changing your career, or deepening relationships, the Birkman Assessment can improve your outcomes and help you feel at peace with your choices.

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