Why Birkman?

For over 65 years, more than three million people and the world’s best companies have trusted the Birkman Method for their success. Birkman is the original and most robust personality assessment tool available. 

The Birkman Method is a powerful tool that identifies your strengths, motivators, behaviors, and interests. Make informed decisions about how you interact with others and gain clarity to make confident choices about your career. Reduce stress in your life and live a more meaningful life.

Other assessments only scratch the surface. Go deeper with the Birkman Method. Birkman uses a unique scientific approach to behavioral and occupational assessments.

With Birkman, you will learn powerful intrinsic motivators in others and gain a rich understanding of what drives your team and employee motivation.

  • Understand and enhance diversity
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Preserve company culture
  • Boost satisfaction
  • Create more trust

One solution suited for all of your needs:

  • Increase sales and productivity
  • Develop leaders
  • Improve teamwork
  • Explore careers
  • Select talent

Birkman is a visual, 33-page scientific report. See sample report.

With this scientifically backed data, you will gain the knowledge needed to advance your professional career. Become a more decisive leader, a better team leader, and increase sales. The Birkman Method has a proven track record with thousands of successful teams and organizations.

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