Couples Assessment

Couples Assessment

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This report supports couples in better understanding their personality and improving their relationship.

How It Works
The Comparative Birkman is a comparison of two individuals. Both individuals receive a report with their results and their partners' results highlighting personality traits. In addition to the comparison, you will also receive recommendations on leveraging strengths, complimenting differences, and flexing default behaviors to reduce stress reactions in the other person.

  • Increased understanding of your personality and your partner's
  • Clarity on motivating factors behind the other person's actions
  • A deep dive into psychological blocks that impede trust and confidence

Your Birkman questionnaire has three sections containing 298 questions and takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

You will receive a comprehensive Birkman Comparative Report for each person, a 50-minute one-on-one video coaching consultation with EACH partner, and a third 50-minute video conference consultation with both partners together and your Birkman Certified Consultant. In addition, we will discuss your natural behaviors that work in your favor or hamper your ability to connect with your partner.

Couples have found this can be a life-changer.

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