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Coaching Packages

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✓ Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)

✓ Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Ethics

✓ Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching, University of Texas


Coaching packages:

  • 5 50-minute sessions $1,500 
  • 6 50-minute sessions $1,800
  • 8 50-minute sessions $2,400
  • 10 50-minute sessions $2,700 (10% discount applied)


Client Testimonials

"Alina is a gifted and confident coach. She gives the 'right' kind of perspective that is tailored for that person – it is as if she can see into a person and know them intimately and know exactly what would help them most in understanding their path..." – H. Pierce, J.D.

"I highly recommend Alina to anyone who is looking for a positive and inspirational coach. I was able to see more clearly after meeting with Alina..." – Priya J. 

"Alina is amazing and inspirational. I was lucky enough to receive her guidance and coaching at a low point in my life. She made me feel safe..." – Amelie G.