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The empty pages of the journal titled 2021 Planning are brimming with potential. There are a million different voices pointing you toward, suggesting or even guilting you into action for a list of action oriented goals, new year's resolutions etc.

But I’m here to remind you that only one voice matters, yours. Find a quiet space and ask yourself big questions. You and only you have the “right” answer. Give yourself the quality time and love you would give a child, partner or friend. Most of us would be overwhelmed with feelings of self love and positivity if we could extend ourselves even a fraction of that same grace we give others.

To help you get started on an authentic and meaningful work around 2021 planning, I’ve composed a few questions to help you gain access to that inner voice. Pick what resonates from these options:

-If success was guaranteed what would I be doing that I am shying away from?

-What do I believe is essential for me to thrive? Do I currently support myself in gaining access to these needs? Why or why not?

-How can I accept and let go of thoughts/feelings/beliefs that do not serve me?

-What positive contribution would I want to be remembered for?

None of these can be answered simply or quickly because their intention is to get you to reflect. Take your time answering, getting curious and landing on what feels right as you answer. The only outcome you want to focus on is opening your heart as you write. Try not to evaluate or judge what ends up on the page. It’s all about the process.

My biggest hope for you in 2021 and always is that you grow to value the unique and singular expression of you. That you lift up and honor yourself by giving the most precious of commodities to your life adventure and that is time...even fifteen minutes a day can begin to create a paradigm shift.

The world longs for you at full bloom with your book full of chapters written in your voice. It’s your book, it’s your story, treat it with tenderness and love.

If you would value the help from an ICF certified coach with this process of self discovery, see my discounted coaching packages to kick off 2021.

Happy New Year!

- Alina
ICF Certified Coach


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