What is Life Coaching?

A question that comes my way often is, “What is life coaching exactly?” or “How is it different from therapy?” These are both great questions. 

When we hear the word "coach" we generally think of a person blowing a whistle in our face or worse yet yelling in our faces at some random sideline. Luckily that couldn’t be further from the truth of what life coaching is in this context. 

When I think of life coaching I think of the relationship between the external elements of nature such as sun, water and soil and how they interact with a seed that eventually germinates and becomes a plant that buds and then the bud eventually blooms into a flower and into its full beauty. It is a slow and deliberate process, you don’t see the flower becoming the flower, all at once, but rather through incremental changes that build and build to eventually become the whole and fully bloomed flower. 

Life coaching to me is being present fully for the client and supporting the blooming of the individual, staying steadfast with them as they traverse their transformation. The seed always held the power to flower but needed the elements of the environment to grow into its full beauty. 

As life coaches we create the environment, the space and the encouragement for the client to tap the potential they have stored within to fully emerge. Unlike therapy, we are focused on the dreams and possibilities of the future. With thought provoking questions we get to your beliefs and partner together in discovering their value to arriving to your desired future. 

Life coaching is a journey of courage in many ways because it will push you to grow but a journey full of adventure. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing”. That’s where you will find me, on the great adventure, hope to see you there. Let's connect. 

- Alina